Tuesday, July 20, 2010

not me monday {on tuesday}

when you are busy you tend to forget what day of the week it is.
everyone has the problem sooner or later.
it's a part of life.
so here it goes.
it's not me monday {on tuesday today}
yes, i know. i am a day late, you should see my work space.
organizing galore today.

i did not love kings of leon nor did i love playing "your sex is on fire" on repeat 1,000 times.
i did not love the espys and definitely did not love meeting all the people i met. literally. everyone and their mom was there.
i did not love geeking out at my ONE ON ONE at the apple store. i am learning so much!
nerd alert.
i did not love 2 back to back days off. i know? i am amazed i didn't open my email once. okay, maybe once. but still.
a much needed vacay back home.
i did not love laying poolside, margarita in hand, watermelon, chips & guac, and my family by my side. perfect weekend.
i did not love attending a wedding in 105 degree heat. sweat was everywhere.
i did not love booking vegas for my 25th. oh boy.
i did not love watching hot tub time machine on my ipad on the plane. i definitely did not laugh when the scenes on the screen were a little rated R for the people sitting next to me. oooops. serves them right for watching over my shoulder.
i did not love learning i have 2.5 months until the marathon. yikes.
i did not love creeping out on meeting zac efron.
i mean he wanted to tell me he loved me, i saw it in his eyes.
i did not love the BIG DRE roll being the #1 special for the night at mikuni. best surprise ever.
i did not love being able to eat real food all week. loved the cleanse, but really? a girl has got to eat!!
i did not love all the donations we are getting in for our marathon in October - to donate & read my dad's story: http://www.active.com/donate/runtoremember2010/JRobin9

i definitely did not love 2 days with both my mom & brother.
i just love them oh so much.

post your not me mondays!
it's so much cheaper than therapy.

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