Wednesday, July 21, 2010


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this past weekend was the most relaxed i had been in a long time.
we did everything i wanted to do, which was nothing at all.
we drank margaritas & coronas.
we laid out and read.
we ate {a lot} of watermelon.
friends came over to join us.
we floated under the sun and i never wanted to leave.

sometimes when i have a million things going on, i think of that moment.
the moment where all 3 of us were laughing in the pool not thinking about the devastating year we have been through,

but rather living in that moment...
with each other.
how lucky are we to have each other?
and he was there too.
he always is.

ps. how cute is my mom & brother's matching hats.
such dorks, but i love them.

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