Friday, August 27, 2010

little letters.

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photo source: google images

dear running shoes,

thank you for being so good to me. i promise after this marathon i will never abuse you again. just please let me survive it. thank you in advance.

dear house owner,

please choose us to move in. we would really love living there.

dear lupe,

i can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

dear katsuya,

thank you for being our fancy pre game meal. looking forward to eating sushi at your restaurant tomorrow with the gang. and of course a Galaxy win.

dear polaroid camera,

i wish i could find you.

dear car wash,

i can see through my windows again! thank you.

dear emmys,

i can’t wait to watch you and see my client rock it on the red carpet Sunday.

dear glee,

i can’t wait for your return. please hurry.

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