Wednesday, August 25, 2010

iphoto & the buck.

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um, i love iphoto.
i don't know why people have it other than to make funny photos?
it's kind of silly, but so fun when you are bored and want to send people funny emails.

i wish i wasn't addicted to starbucks.
next time you go get a:
grande iced non fat carmel macchiato upside down.
it will change your life.
you are very welcome.

it was 91 degrees yesterday.
i love summer dresses.
speaking of summer dresses, i just got one from guilt
i got it for $12 and it was originally $82.
what a deal!
(i told you i was obsessed)

oh and in case you were wondering my new favorite Mexican place is called panchos.
it's in manhattan beach.
you should definitely try it.
i did last night.
it's just delicious.

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Laura said...

LOVED having dinner with you last night! i seriously was still full until lunch!

your blog makes me smile SO much... its def giving me the inspiration to start mine once i leave for oz.

early am coffee walk/chat next week sometime?? xx

KLD said...

please send an invite to the shopping thing. love those shoes!! xoxo

Jen said...

KLD - email me so i can send it to you! you will be obsessed!! XX