Thursday, August 19, 2010


i had a good run last night.
6 miles good.

how pretty is my running canvas?
just me & the sand.

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it's funny how i wasn't motivated at all this week.
not. one. bit.

the thought of running 26.2 miles or even 13.1 was literally making my stomach hurt.

i guessed i lost motivation along the way.
i was so into the thought of completing another marathon....
i forgot how hard it is to stay focused.
(especially when you work 15+ hour days)
well folks.... i think i found my motivation last night.
and boy did i use it.

is it cheesy that i was motivated after seeing EAT. PRAY. LOVE for the second time?
it is seriously better the 2nd time around!
gosh, it is SUCH a feel good movie.
i needed it.

i am so incredibly sore.
i love that feeling.

now off to stretch.....
a lot.

1 comment:

Sara Ancich said...

YAY! good for you. You can do it!