Wednesday, August 18, 2010

write a thank you list.

i cleaned out my life last night.
i am starting to do this seasonally.
it's silly. i know.
but it's my life, and i make the rules in my life.
i went through boxes, drawers, closets, bathroom, work space, etc.
i even put down my milk duds and went running.
(if you are my facebook friend or follow me on twitter, then you know what i am talking about)

so, in doing a "cleaning out my life" night i decided to make a list.
a thank you list.
i am known for my silly, color coded, (cute i might add), to do's list.
my THANK YOU list is what i am thankful about today. right now. in this moment.

you should probably make one too. preferably listening to your favorite music.
makes ya feel good.
i dare you.

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here is my list for today:

1. this blog. i am thankful i have the chance to write down my daily ramblings. one day i will make into a book. an online journal of my life. i am thankful for it. and for you, yes you! who actually read this daily.

2. great books. lately, i can't put the books down. when i get time of course, but i love reading.
especially on my cute ipad.

3. my family & friends. they are on every list i make. i love them. all of them.

4. my health. i am thankful that i can exercise (or try!) to sweat as much as i can. daily. i love the feeling after a good workout. really wish i had my 12 year old self's 6 pack right now.

5. twitter. i am very thankful for this silly thing. i love checking this before i go to bed.

6. my job. i look forward to each and every day. i am thankful i have found that at the age of 24.

7. trips home. i look forward to booking flights to visit my home. i love the countdown days.

8. movie theaters. i am thankful i can afford to go to the movies (they are so darn expensive these days!) nothing like seeing a great movie right when it comes out. i don't know why i get so excited, but i just love it.

9. cooking. i love finding a new recipe and making it (or baking it). if i had time i would definitely do the julia & julia challenge. maybe one day.

1o. nail polish. i love changing my nail polish to either match my mood or my outfit. it's sick, i know. my new favorite color is "Chinchilly" by Essie. google it. it will be your new favorite too. it looks much cuter on. trust me.

i am thankful for a lot of things today.

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