Sunday, August 15, 2010

a week off.

what a week it has been.
i needed some time away from work, my computer, life.
and with that came my blog.
it was a good {much needed} break.
but, i am happy to be back.
and happy to be back on track with life.

this past week involved a lot of emotions.
being home for 5 days celebrating my father's life was perfect.
being with my mom, brother, and the people we love...
all celebrating a wonderful life.

we had Mikuni's Friday night.
(big dre roll of course)
homemade sushi Saturday.
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shrimp boil in his honor Sunday (too many margaritas for this girl)

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Monday was a quite, beautiful day with momma and brother bear for his 1 year.
(movies, popcorn, dinners, snuggling, and laughing)
it was very nice to be home with them.

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Wednesday when i returned i went to see LADY GAGA with amber.
hands down, best concert i have EVER been to.
she was amazing.
our seats were perfect.
i still can see her crazy dancing with her crazy outfits.

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gotta love the gaga fans too! it was like Halloween for the little monsters!
so nuts.

house hunted all weekend and saw Eat. Pray. Love.
i absolutely loved this movie.

I ended the weekend with delicious mama d's (AMAZING bread sticks)

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i am back to realty and back to business.
hope you all had a lovely weekend.

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