Wednesday, September 8, 2010

meet carly.

this is my friend carly:
<span class=
isn't she gorgeous?

meet her creative work:


(she can do whatever your little heart desires, this is just one of her many samples)

carly says:

every couple is unique, every wedding is unique, and my goal is to keep that uniqueness alive with custom wedding designs. i work closely with every couple i get the pleasure of designing for, in order to best create their vision, and something that they feel is a perfect fit for them as a couple and for their big day. every wedding is a creative adventure that i love to be a part of!

i totally agree.

now go ahead and contact her for your special occasion.
you won't regret it.

her email:

just let her know this really cool gal named jen sent you.

happy hump day to all.

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