Tuesday, October 5, 2010

barn wedding.

it's no secret that in another life i was a wedding planner.
i have notebooks full of inspiration.
i have ideas overflowing in my brain (all the time).
i love hearing about all the little details that go into throwing the perfect wedding.
i love love.
and i love people's pure happiness.
i want to give my friends all my ideas when they get married because i have so many cute
(or so i think) ideas!!

a girlfriend and i have been talking about starting a wedding planning business
(one day we will)

i just can't wait.
i'm not ready yet, but one day i will be....
and one day i will rock it.
i just know it.

if i were to get married tomorrow.
it would be in a barn like this:
<span class=

with mason jars filled with drinks.

and lots and lots of other cute things.

no but seriously.
a barn wedding is to die for.


ajcantelmi said...

Jen - check out the photos from this wedding. It's my friend from work and got picked up be the Style Me Pretty blog.

Jen said...

this blog is on my blog reel!! i LOVE it. and LOVE the wedding!!!! oh my oh my....!!!! GORGEOUS!!

Stacey said...

I hope you send all the brides to me for bridesmaid dress needs!! XOXO