Wednesday, November 3, 2010


fact: my hair grows really fast.
fact: i always want to cut it super short after it grows really long.
fact: i love it when i cut it off for a week, then i get over it.
fact: i think i am going to cut it like this after the holidays:

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fact: seeing it in this magazine really wants me to do it tomorrow.
fact: i will most likely chicken out, but seriously i am obsessed with this hair cut.

i need input.


Shauna said...

do it. SO CUTE. hair is hair, just do it.

Kelly and Tadd said...

Your face structure is perfect for this adorable cut!!! I say do it.... You look hot no matter what!!!

Laura Kristi Cronin said...

I JUST DID THAT TOO! I used this photo:,r:2,s:0&tx=72&ty=29

The McKiernan's said...


Liz Leppanen said...

Jen, with your face you could do it and have ne regrets. ;o)