Tuesday, November 2, 2010

not me monday (on tuesday).

hello, again!
you know the drill.
all the things i did not do this past week
(yep, i kid, it's the things i did do this past week)
welp, here goes nothing!!

i did not love listening to taylor swifts cd on repeat. seriously, i know every word now. i love her.
i did not love halloween weekend 2010 and all the fun we did not have!! looking forward to next year... got some costume ideas already!
i did not love the movie life as we know it, nor did i cry during most of it. ugh, sappy movies get me every time.
i did not love getting my new iphone4. why did i wait so long to get the iphone 4? well maybe because i had to get a new one (my 3 broke, sadly)
i did not love booking our family vacation in a few weeks! much needed family time :) OH Canada here we come!!!!
i did not love watching the Giants win the world series! why do i get so emotional at every 7th inning stretch. i mean, i don't even know a single players name. and i refuse to be a bandwagon fan. i just can't help when a team wins that really deserves it!!
i did not love girl time with michelle and especially pedicures!! something about those feet massages that make my day!
i did not love seeing the galaxy win vs. seattle!!! hoping for a MAJOR win this coming weekend!!
i did not love finding out i am going to the GQ party this year!! need dress options stat!
i did not love winning our heat indoor game (as usual) and especially did not love hearing the other team complain about us doing so :) ooops!
i did not love getting back into the gym after a much needed post marathon break. back at it. slowly....
i did not love finding a REALLY cute hair cut i think i'm gonna do after the holidays! maybe? probably not? who knows.. will post the idea tomorrow and you guys can help me decide!
i did not love getting my mom's 60th birthday gift together. she knows what she's getting mainly because she said "Jen, don't forget my gift" but seriously. still excited.
i just can't wait to kiss her face off! countdown to the holidays has begun!
i did not love listening to bruno mars on SNL. honestly, i have a HUGE crush on him.
i did not love our two little two year old twin girl neighbors (wow, that's a tongue twister) dressed up for halloween! they are SO cute!
i did not love reading that our donation list for the run is the highest of our team! 2 more weeks left to donate!! do it!!

post your not me mondays!
it's so much cheaper than therapy.


Sara Ancich said...

My dad has been a Giants fan since birth... he's a SF native. He has waited for last night's big win since 1954. He had tickets to what he had hoped would be tomorrow night's BIG game. I woke up to an email this morning from him (we live 14 miles away from each other)that read... "Grab a jacket...we're heading to SF early Wednesday morning to see that ticker tape parade at 11 am". So tomorrow morning, off we go, to SF to give the Giants the homecoming they deserve. I am so excited to do this with and for my dad. Its just a bonus that my sister works a block from the parade route and doen't know I'm comin'! I thought of you in all this b/c I'm guessing this may have been the kinda spontaneous stuff your dad probably did for you... xoxo

See you Sunday!

Jen said...

Sara - you bet my dad and i would have gone to the parade too! not because we are fans (although i LOVE win NOR CAL wins!) but because he wouldn't have wanted to miss the party!! hilarious ;) you guys have SO much fun! can't wait to hear ALL about it. so excited to see you sunday!! xx