Tuesday, November 30, 2010


-glee was amazing last week with the wedding songs - i cried through half of it
- i will most likely be getting carpal tunnel by playing words with friends.
-i haven't had starbucks since friday. amazing right?
-my dell computer has a bajillion viruses on it and the hard drive is whack. good timing dell. good timing. fingers crossed for a christmas bonus!! MUCH NEEDED!
-we are getting our tree tonight, christmas decorating, and making a delicious meal. i love nights like this.
-roomies and i are throwing an ugly sweater party dec 17 - keep it open if you live near here.
-i am going to a funeral today and will most likely make a scene by crying so hard. i really hope i survive it. and i hope the family knows they are loved.
-all my friends are getting married and having children. i've been in 9 weddings and i'm 25. kill me. 27 dresses anyone?
-our halloween candy jar is ALMOST gone. it only took a month.
-my gal pal (who says that?) and i are starting a wedding planning business in 3 years. apparently i just can't get enough of them.
-i am obsessed to the max with gossip girl right now.
-we have an asian market near us, best/cheapest place ever. so good.
-i need to find an outfit for NYE. yes, i am going to be ready before the day this year.
-"i whip my hair back and forth" has been in my head for 2 weeks. booty shaking/hair flippin.
-my roomies are fantasy football aholics. they might be worse than my momma.
-i wish my anxiety wasn't so bad these days... i think i need meds, any suggestions?
-i have baby fever. oh no...
-i have wonderful friends. i just love them oh so much.
-after seeing christina sing in burlesque, i really wish i knew how to sing.
-i started my marathon thank you's today. sorry if it's taken me so long!! you will be getting one soon (and pics!)
-i NEED to make christmas holiday cards this year.
-my bestie chels is the cutest. i laugh every time we chat.
-my brother's holiday party is saturday. can't wait to dance my booty off. single laywers? yes please!
-i am planning a "ROBIN" family reunion next christmas, too early to start planning? oh and if you are a ROBIN reading this..... don't make plans next Christmas!!
-i just realized i rambled on for far too long.

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