Monday, November 29, 2010

not me monday.

here we go again!
all the things i did not do this past week.
and of course holiday wrap up!

i did not love heading to Canada for the first time with momma and brother.
i did not love sleeping in, watching movies, eating delicious foods, and being
tourists.... all in 30 degree weather.
i did not love seeing my mom meet the "it" people at the parties... and casually saying "jen, i can introduce you if you'd like" HA! oh mom...
i did not love dive bars w/ great bands.... and dancing our booties off.
i did not love my fabulous new winter pea coat from h & m. it's to die for.
i did not love sipping on coffee in a different country.
i did not like the MLS Cup Championship game, and sitting in below freezing weather. awesome.
i did not love my first NHL hockey game!! seriously, hockey in Canada is a WHOLE different story.
i did not love getting facials with the family, and of course mani/pedis.
i did not love gaining weight - so worth EVERY bite of delicious food on Thanksgiving.
i did not love spending the holiday with the people i love.
i did not love the girls date of Burlesque and FATS apps and cocktails!!
i LOVED the movie!!!
i did not love hearing my favorite couple KARLIE and JOSH got engaged!!!!!!!!!
so happy for them!!!
i did not love starting parenthood! new ipad MUST watch show! obsessed.
i did not love homemade chicken pot pies with the roomies last night!!
nor do i love being obsessed with words with friends! (if you have an account please send me your username!)
i did not love gearing up for CHRISTMAS!!!!! i LOVE this time of year!!!!
i did not love MIKUNI'S big dre roll, as always! my favorite meal.
i did not love my new nike runners from Steve and Laura!!!!! OBSESSED. you guys rock!!!!!!!!

post your not me mondays!
it's so much cheaper than therapy.

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Halfway to Denver said...

Love love LOVE this! Thanks babe, we are SO excited and we are going to need lots of help, so get ready!