Sunday, December 5, 2010

our christmas spirit.

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every year i look forward to my brother's law firm Christmas party.
they spend a quarter of a million dollars (ya, you heard me correctly) on the most elaborate party you can think of.
our favorite part this year was clearly the photo booth.
we might have gone back 3 times with different groups. (might)
don't judge us, we've got spirit (or too many cocktails?)
gosh, i love us.

Merry Christmas countdown!!!
(20 days until Christmas.... but hey, who's counting.)

hope you guys had a lovely weekend.
i know i did.

ps. excuse the poor quality photo - apparently my scanner sucks :)

pss. thank you brother for letting me be your date 3 years and counting. i know people might start to talk... but i just can't get enough of the fun!!

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Sara Ancich said...

These would be a great gift for momma bear.