Monday, December 6, 2010


hello, again!
this is just getting silly.... i mean, another week down!
it's almost 2011. so weird.
well, another week down and another not me monday.


i did not love getting back into BAR METHOD after the binge of the holiday!
i did not love shedding what i hope is all of my THANKSGIVING happy pounds (a few more and my jeans fit normal again!!) whoooo hoooo!
i did not love getting a MUCH needed massage! i might add however, this lady was a ninja or something in a prior life. strong hands my gosh!
i did not love going out in west hollywood with my favorite peeps! that LA place is a little crazy... but i love dance parties all night long!!
i did not love meeting up for coffee w/ miss jess. i have missed her so.
loved it & her!
i did not love going to the airport to track down an ipad..... i will just keep it at that. but i will say - i am badass at my job. i need a medal!
i did not love picking out the PERFECT holiday dress! i got to wear it to my brother's firm party. rocked it and it will most likely be my NYE dress! ya!
i did not love driving to SD to party w/ my big brother. those lawyers sure know how to have fun!!! i love their parties (and photo booths!)
i did not love driving back in the rain. but i did love laying in my bed listening to it!
i did not love relaxing in my tub, candles, and wine! party of one (me) amazing!!! i need to do this often!
i did not love planning our UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER party w/ the roomies!! i am SO excited!!!!!!!! i must win best dressed!
i did not love writing thank you notes for all the donations for the marathon. i still can't believe how much we raised!!
i did not love knowing what i am getting mom & brother for christmas! yes!!!!!
i did not love watching ELF and Love Actually on repeat before bed time this week. up next is Home Alone, The Holiday, and The Family stone! pumped to fall asleep to my other favs.
i did not love getting my DELL back - $276 later. will be uploading pics again soon!
i did not LOVE finding a letter from my dad in my drawer. always the best finding these :)
i did not love downloading new music for my december 2010 mixed cd! can't wait to blast them in my car!
i did not love finishing up PARENTHOOD on hulu. sad day to be caught up.
i did not love planning my upcoming week out for work! busy busy busy!!!!
i did not love grabbing yogurt land with bular. gosh i have missed this place.

post your not me mondays!
it's so much cheaper than therapy!!!

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