Monday, January 3, 2011


well hello lovies!
it's the first NOT ME MONDAY of 2011.
i am playing a little catch up (12 days of vacay & a holiday) really puts me behind a few days.
lots of new stuff. lots of new goals. lots of new outlooks!
here you go..............

i did not love spending 12 days in nor cal visiting my besties, family, and taking a few days off of work. pure bliss.
i did not love my new michael kors watch. excuse me while i sigggh. love it!!!
i did not love cookie decorating (a new tradition for me!) with some amazing friends!!
i did not love eating at rims, mikuni, and of course having my mom's jambalaya. to.die.for.
i did not love Christmas eve game night. oh my god what fun!
i have a video of me playing "MINUTE IT TO WIN IT." and getting a cookie from my forehead to my mouth in .4 seconds. i might need to send this in to the show.
my "minute" AKA .4 seconds was the best for sure! (ask ANYONE!!!!)
seriously, still laughing.
(sorry it won't let me load the video for some odd reason?) argh.
i did not love spoiling mama and brother for Christmas. i love doing that!
i did not love hanging out with friends that i haven't seen in quite some time. gosh i love them.
i did not love spending so much time with momma and brother. relaxing. eating. and laughing. yes!
i did not love spending NYE with some of my most favorites! i don't think i can now attend another party that doesn't have either (a). a photo booth and (b). a mustache. so fun!!

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i also did not love new years day movie marathon! 7 movies in a row. world record. no joke.
i did not love the 12 hour drive it took me from Sacramento to Redondo beach. um, thank you grapevine for closing. another world record.
i did not love planning out my 90 day workout with p90x!!! (ps. has anyone done this? and can give me advice?!)
i did not love driving to SF to celebrate my girl's work promotion. baller.
i did not love spending a night with my bestie in merced. AKA new roommate. oh my!
i did not love planning a few friends weddings for 2011! can't wait to create more beautiful weddings.
i did not love the fact that my iphone alarm didn't work in the morning. luckily it was my day off, and not a work day! that is my nightmare (jess, i am talking to you)
i did not love playing the lotto. i will also go get another lotto ticket tomorrow.
oh the joy of winning that thing! $300 million or something crazy? yikes. GO GET A TICKET ASAP!
i did not love listening to the GLEE Christmas soundtrack. oh i miss Christmas already.
i did not love hearing that my shows are back!!! setting my DVR's now!
i also did not love that the bachelor is back on!
let's just say here is my top & only choice:

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done & done.

emily. she's 24. gorgeous. sweet. and here's the back story...
her fiance (who was a NASCAR driver) died in a plane crash in 2004. then a few days later found out she was pregnant. her daughter is now 5.

she basically already won my heart.

post your not me mondays!
it's so much cheaper than therapy.

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The McKiernan's said...

she was my fav too from the minute she came on!!!!