Monday, January 17, 2011


Hello lovers!
another week down... another not me monday.
since i need to do my first p90x today... i will make this quick!
(stay tuned for DAY 1 of p90x later today!)
i am so excited!
22 of you are on board whether it be the program, or your own thing.
you go peeps!

so, here we go!
i did not love running on the beach this week to clear my head
and listening to my new country mixes.
(country strong really got me back into listening to country 24-7)
i might have even dreamt i played at open mic night and sang the country strong song. oh boy.
i did not love doing my own mani/pedi - yep, saving money 2011 is in full effect still.
i did not love CRAFTERNOON w/ shauna. so many fun projects ahead!
i did not love going to HD Buttercup 3 days last week for the sale. this. place. is. AMAZING.
(just wish i could afford ANYTHING in there!)
oh, and lindsey lohan was in there shopping. she looked healthy (and sober!) good for her! :)
i did not love love love PINTEREST. um. thank you auby for the introduction.
i have NEVER been so obsessed with anything more than this (please let me know if you would like an invite!)
warning: you will lose your social life, it's that awesome.
i did not love BLUE VALENTINE. i love ryan gosling. and LOVED the movie. depressing, but wonderful! (is that possible?)
i think at one point i leaned over and said "i just love this movie"
HA! nerd. alert.
i did not love my quick SAN DIEGO road trip to see my brother and my favorites!
homemade dinner, wine, and the GOLDEN GLOBES. an amazing end to a perfect week.

post your not me mondays.
it's so much cheaper than therapy.

ps. stay tuned for DAY 1 of our 90 day challenge!!!

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