Monday, January 17, 2011

p90x day 1.

hello fellow 90 day challengers!
ya. i'm talking to you.
as of today there were 22 of you that joined in for this!
22! wow!
and i am SURE there are at least a few more who didn't comment, text, email, or call me to say you are in!
that's ok, just keep it up!
i think 6 or 7 are doing the p90x challenge.
a few of you are doing yoga.
7 of you are going to the gym.
and some are doing "something" active 6 days a week.

i think i got you all?
well, CONGRATS on taking the first step to a better you (did i just sound like oprah?) ha.

okay. so peeps, how did it go?
brother and i did our DAY ONE together in San Diego.
um, it was SO much harder than i thought.
i feel like jello as i try to type this.
today was back, arms and abs.
uh. push-ups. pull-ups. etc. etc. etc.
let's just say DAY ONE was successful (and painful)
i have NO idea what we just got into!

would love to hear about your DAY ONE!

see you tomorrow!

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