Tuesday, January 18, 2011


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(a picture from my phone so you can get an idea of what it looks like!)

a week ago my good friend auby sent me an invite to "pinterest"
let's just say i have lost hours of sleep and literally am becoming unhealthily obsessed with this website.
it's literally the best thing to happen to me since purchasing my Polaroid camera.
it's basically a place to catalog the things you love when browsing the Internet.
i have so many folders on my computer titled "pretty things" "wedding ideas" "inspiration"
(the list could go on and on...)
i should say HAD folders because now they are ALL organized on this website.
it even shows you what blog or whatever you "pinned" it from.
life. changing. and i can't thank aubs enough!!!
perfect for those of you who are engaged too! (type in WEDDINGS in the search section) and the folders people have are UNREAL. all THEIR inspirations they have found for stuff they loved.
you can type in ANYTHING!
i have already found FUN new projects i want to do in the DIY (do it yourself) section! oh my god.
it's SO stinkin cool, RUN to sign up! or i can email you an invite (it's faster that way since their is a little bit of a wait list!)

happy pinning!

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