Wednesday, February 9, 2011


My best buddy Steve (who is a rockstar) and his cute wife Laura (who is also a rockstar) are having a little baby girl in late Spring.

i mean, how cute are they?
and how cute is that little peanut gonna be?

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Laura had a baby shower in Portland last weekend and i was so bummed i couldn't make so i sent these:

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it's only fitting that i got little baby cronin her first pair of soccer boots. steve is a professional soccer player. and i HAD to get these when i saw them.

i had Angela of Gigi Bee Designs found here make these little soccer boots for them. she even personally made the insides pink.

how cute is that?

thank you Angela for making these special boots for my dear friends!!!

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laura kristi cronin said...

Well don't I feel so special?!!! We made the blog!! You know you've made it in life when you make 'the blog' :) You think I'm kidding.
Thank you so so sosososo much for the adorable soccer booties, WE LOVE THEM. They are proudly displayed in baby Cronie's nursery. You're incredibly thoughtful and your friend is very talented. So much love to you, dear friend.