Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Core synergistics and kenpo x over the last two days.
it officially got hard again.
all i know is my feet, legs, arms, fingers (if that's even possible) ache.

24 days in and feeling oh so good!
WHAT!? almost a month!! so happy!
i slacked a little on my "food" intake last week - let's be honest weddings are NEVER a good place to try to eat/drink healthy.
but i am back on track.
i've noticed that when i eat super healthy and work out it's the EASIEST combo to get in shape and be toned.
rocket science, right?
but you know it's okay to eat things that make you happy
(i.e. cupcakes, wine, etc.)
as long as it's in moderation.
just don't get crazy.
(for those of you who have seen the youtube/SNL skit - you know EXACTLY how i just said "don't get crazzzzzy")

how is everyone else doing?
i've gotten a few emails but definitely not 27 a day -
and i know 27 of you are in this with me!
or so you say :)

did you fall off the wagon? or still going strong?

happy middle of the week friends!

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