Saturday, February 12, 2011


- i went to the dmv this week and overheard the lady in front of me say she came to pay her 4th DUI ticket. FOUR?! um. how is she still driving? so scared to be on the road with people like that. i mean, REALLY?

-seeing justin bieber on Ellen makes me love him even more. i wish i was 16. and yes, i can't wait to see his movie. i'm not afraid to say that. he's adorable.

-i think i love this season of idol more than any other. the judges are amazing. i could laugh at steven tyler all day long.

-my entire body hurts all the time because of p90x. if i don't have a 6 pack by the end, i will call tony myself to complain. oh ya, and i showed my roommates my arm muscles. yep. they are small, but there.

-i had jerry's deli matzo ball soup for the first time. let's talk about a new obsession. i want it all the time!!!

-i love twitter because i literally ask a question and people are so great at answering! so nice when you legitimately need help!

-my gal pal (i'm bringing that back) tiff won a trip to hawaii. she is taking me. can you say JEALOUS?

-i have missed the last two episodes of the bachelor. but somehow i know michelle is still crazy town.

-i have never gotten so many compliments on my shoes. they are my absolute new favorites: you like?

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-i want to go to new york asap. and as luck would have it, i might be going in March. FINGERS CROSSED. i've never been!

-i'm planning 3 of my friends weddings this year. i think there is a sign in there somewhere (melinda, you listening?)

-i work too much. don't get me wrong, i'm borderline obsessed with my job. but it's unhealthy. i am planning more trips this year for ME. ya!

-we are throwing a dinner party this week. i love that us girls from college still get together monthly and now we have the cutest place to host! (pics coming soon!)

-my little sister lupe is turning 16 this month. WHAT!??? i met her through big brothers big sisters like 7 years ago. boy time goes WAY to fast! i can't wait to celebrate with her. big plans next week!!

-i have been eating the most delicious homemade meals every night. we are getting pretty crafty over here.

-i can't sleep in. ever. i tried and got up at 7am Saturday. ugh.

-every morning at 6am E and i have gourmet coffee from my espresso machine. we set it up at night, and wholaaa! meet in the kitchen at 6. it's my favorite morning routine now.

-last night roomie and i went to CUPCAKES & WINE! um. my two favorite things in the title of an event. COUNT ME IN! below is a sneak peak (just add the wine) from what we had at cupcake couture in manhattan beach. PURE HEAVEN. they matched gourmet cupcakes with certain perfect wines. oh my.

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Natalie Filer said...

#1...I am IN LOVE with those heels! Where did you get them...not that I have anywhere to wear them, but hey...a girl can dream ;)

#2..I can't wait to come to monthly dinners with you girls!! Ahhh I am so excited!

That's all...<3 you...happy v-day!