Saturday, February 12, 2011


My dear readers.
i REALLY need your help.
i need to know EVERYTHING you know about Havanese puppies.
do you own one?
do you know someone who does?
what/how do you feel about them?

I met Lulu today and she is up for adoption.
i fell in love.
she's just perfect.

it's a BIG decision so ANY advice would be amazing.
i filled out paperwork and the owner is taking care of everything so the price isn't an issue.
the owner is "holding" her for me..... but not for long.

she came straight to me & sat in my lap then licked my face.
are you kidding?
THEN to top it off this little girl came over and they fell in love.
i asked the girls mom what her baby's name was.....
i mean, REALLY?
such a sign.

anywho, ANY suggestions/comments are welcome.
please, i don't have much time to decide.

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katie said...

they are amazing dogs. my boss has one and she is sooooo sweet. they dont shed much at all and are the perfect size!