Wednesday, February 2, 2011


people say when you do anything for 21 days you are good to go.
well, i think i am. and i am only on day 18.
pretty good right?
i feel like p90x is easier (well, obviously it is still INTENSE)
but i look forward to them, and my other daily workouts now.
i look forward to working out (whhhhhat?)
it's MY time each day.
i went running yesterday and felt stronger.

i know that i am using smaller weights because at the end of this whole thing, i want to be lean.
i DO NOT want to have big muscles.
might be your thing, but NOT mine.
i am making sure i am using weight that isn't going to do that.
isn't my goal here.

tomorrow is yoga for an hour & half.
i saw this on oprah yesterday.
what a GREAT gift to give.
for you yoga lovers - you should get one too!
i am sure they are selling like crazy since jennifer aniston got one for oprah for her birthday.
and you know anything oprah likes the world likes.
hopefully they aren't sold out!

enjoy your day today!

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