Wednesday, April 20, 2011


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(a few members of our group)

sorry about the crickets here on the blog. let's just say i have been having the time of my life (aka no cell phone for 4 days, what!? who am i?) definitely a first with this girl. i took 4 days off to enjoy the most magical 3 day music festival that has ever been invented. i danced, i frolicked, i relaxed, i got a tan (or sunburn that will hopefully turn into a tan), i soaked up all the music one could possibly get, i sang + lost my voice, i skipped through the grass, i met new (wonderful) friends, and i had the best time ever. i am in for every year from here on out. 45 of us hopped into 10 cars and caravan to Indio, CA. i have never laughed as hard i have, and i have never been so sad to come back to reality. i must say....... i envy those of you who "never have their phone." to be fair, since i am a PA i have no choice. but i will say, so liberating. no care in the world. i just danced and danced. i have been trying to regroup for a few days now and slowly but surely i am coming to my senses. thanks for being patient with the lack of posting. i hope you all are having a wonderful week thus far. big kisses to all of you. xo

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Lacey said...

time of our lives!!!