Thursday, April 21, 2011


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most of you know that i love planning weddings!
i was either meant to be a wedding planner or i was one in another lifetime.
i am working on a few friends weddings for this year and everyday i find more and more amazing inspirations that i want to incorporate in my own wedding one day.

i started a "secret wedding book" years ago for when my friends, family, or when i get married.
lately i have been thinking about publishing it one day.
i go to book stores and scroll through the wedding section and let's be honest... my book would be better.

so many ideas, so many fun contacts, and so many great to-do lists for people who are overwhelmed daily.

if any of you readers need a few contacts for vendors, cakes, invitations, etc.... please email me for details! i am more than happy to help!!

happy weekend folks.

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