Monday, April 11, 2011


hope you all had a wonderful weekend! i sure did.
all the things i did not do this past week.....

i did not love early morning workouts. i just LOVE getting back into a routine. p90x and my trainer can both suck it. jk! i love both (sigh)
i did not love a few busy days followed by a few "me" days. whoa. much needed.
i did not love finding new loves: a vintage tee, a new "favorite" smoothie, and most importantly... finding a new love for 5am wake up calls! eek.
i did not love alumni weekend and seeing all the girls!
i did not love idol + dancing with the stars. reality tv got me once again! oy.
i did not love a SERIOUS countdown until 4 days of pure free birding at coachella. quite nervous for my life (in the best way possible).
i did not love tackling a mile long to-do list.... only to start another :)
i did not love another 7 days down in this crazy life we live. can you believe it?
i did not love "heytelling" so much better than texting. you MUST download this app ASAP on your iphone: HEY TELL. wow, life changer.
i did not love kicking the ball around for the first time... in a long. long time.
i did not love researching wedding stuff. quickly becoming my new favorite hobby.
in the works of finishing my "wedding book" and deciding if i should make this a serious BOOK which maybe one day could be published? or just for fun. it's LEGIT.
i did not love my boss saying to me "i am not talking to you and will be ignoring you for a few days, you work too much!"
don't have to tell ME twice. done and done. perfect time for a few days off to recharge.
i did not love planning out an entire mothers day weekend itinerary full of fun for mama!

i did not love people watching in downtown mb with amy. it will never get old!
i did not love planning my coming week............. 4 days until COACHELLA!!! oh my!

happy monday to all!

post your not me mondays!
it's so much cheaper than therapy.

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