Wednesday, May 25, 2011


yes. i know. i suck. please forgive me. i've been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off working 15 + hour work days. it's been crazy town over here. i have very little time today but after another angry email reminding me (thank you, i know) that i haven't blogged... i guess it was time? thank you for still coming back even though i have been missing on and off for quite some time. so here's a little update for now...

-i have seen bridesmaids twice now. cried i laughed so hard the first time, and somehow it was even better the second. kristen wiig is my hero.

-i joined equinox gym which is like the Rolls Royce of cars. i can't even explain it. i will be selling my soul to afford the place, however really motivates me to go 6 days a week. it's been working thus far.

-i have a new love for taco tuesday and margaritas. cheap and dirty good.

-i love Venice beach dance parties with high school friends. my favorite.

-i had a Gatorade commercial shoot with le boss last week. i was high on electrolytes for a few days. i might or might not have had 6 large bottles.

-i saw 127 hours. i don't think i can ever go rock climbing. ever.

-my trainer needed me to come in early one day. his text "see you at 4:30am tomorrow?" WTF. outrageous request. who says that?

-my days aren't complete without checking twitters THE DOS EQUIS MAN's tweets. life changing.

-i love redbox since it's just $1. however, when you keep 3 movies for 6 days. not so good. you do the math.

-i am devastated Oprah is ending. i am not sure where i am going to get all my advice from now?

-i bawled my eyes out watching glee's last two episodes. bawled.

-on Sunday we went to Sports Spectacular in LA because bossman was being honored. i was in man HEAVEN. i might have to rethink swearing off athletes. not to mention Jordan Sparks sang the national anthem. um. hands down the best version i have ever heard. so bummed i didn't record it.

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(the girls at Sports Spectacular)

-i need to learn spanish and i need to learn it quick. does anyone have rosetta stone? please!

-i went to a friends garage sale over the weekend. watching her "try" to negotiate was the funniest thing. people are savages. i loved it. and now i want to host a garage sale.

-wasn't the world ending soon? what happens now to the people that were CERTAIN it was? do they pick another date?

-nordys half year sale happened. i bought these:

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-hopefully me blogging today is the start of a good trend. i sure hope so! i've missed it! happy hump day all. smooches!

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Miss Whit said...

jen, your life makes me jealous! and your blog makes me happy! i've missed your daily posts!!