Friday, October 21, 2011

fall brain dump.

hello! i love being so busy but i hate that that means i neglect le blog. a part of me really wants to revamp my blog, buy a really nice camera, and really take this hobby of mine to the next level. i've been asked to put sponsors on my blog, but let's be honest... it's not up to par of what i dream this could be. i take a step back and get a slap of reality, and realize i do not have time to do so. i am working on "making time" one day, but today isn't that day. so, for now... it will stay as is! i have so much to share with you all, i hope i don't forget anything!! i love brain dumps and hope you do too!

- first things first... i had a life changing moment with a dear friend in September, and let's just say for now, i see things differently. i can't thank you enough dear friend. you know who you are. one day i might share this with you all, but for now i will keep it at that.

- i am loving the "simplifying" of life. literally, donating so much stuff i don't need. i am a clutter free gal these days.

- i have been obsessed with baking, decorating the house for fall, and crafting. i made my first homemade cake pops this week (red velvet heaven) and so excited to make a batch for my friend's bridal shower this weekend!

- i am BEYOND obsessed with Parenthood. i know i talk about it all the time, but seriously? i pretend it's my life. start it today on season 1 if you haven't seen it yet. you'll be obsessed too!

-i went to miami with some girlfriends, and wow. i love vacation! i really need to make a habit of booking vacations more often.

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- i need to buy a camera soon (maybe my only item on my wish list for christmas) any ideas of which is the best starter one? on the cheaper side....!? please help!

- i am going to Texas for thanksgiving this year. i couldn't be more excited! line dancing, shooting at the range, sippin' homemade tea on the front porch of my friends ranch. take. me. there. now!

- i had my two year anniversary with my job this past week. crazy!!

- i love all aspects of social networking. i literally get so much info from twitter these days it's unreal. i don't even need to watch a game because i can get the play by play via twitter. follow me here if you don't already! i'm pretty funny.

- speaking of social networking. um. PINTEREST. seriously? i am in love with you. i'd marry you if i could. like, it's an unhealthy relationship and i feel it's just getting worse. my pinterest boards are starting to fill up. fast. follow me here if you have one too!

- i saw 50/50. so so good. i laughed, i cried, and then laughed some more! must see!

- i had my last few weddings last month for the year. i think that was 7 or 8 i attended in 2011. i told my mom that i would like to attend less in 2012, and she informed me that we have a wedding to go to the first weekend of January. go figure. professional wedding attendee? nailed it.

- i am going to be a bedazzling queen next week. making my halloween costume this year. it's either going to be the best costume ever... or a complete mess. stay tuned....

- i need the iphone S ASAP. it's like i can finally have the "assistant" i need. an assistant for an assistant. yes please!

- i have been asked a few times this past month how old i am? both times i have said 25. then said, no wait! 26! people think i am crazy that i forget. i loved my birthday. i love the 20's. really happy i am embracing getting "older" because i am closer to 50 now then 0. yikes. my brother and bestie on my 26th:

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- i changed the way i eat and seriously i have SO much energy. it's like i am on crack daily (disclaimer, i do not do crack, nor have i ever) but i feel as if i am on crack these days with the amount of energy i have. if you are looking for a little life boost read the 4-Hour Body. i am in love. nothing, and i mean NOTHING ever works for me. let's be honest, i am pretty healthy in general but always feel so lethargic and not sure why!? well, turns out eating as many carbs as i do, is NOT good for me. i am a foodie, so let's be honest. i love a good carb. but needed to cut back and couldn't stick to anything! the 4-Hour Body is perfect for me! i'm not strict about it, i just try to follow it as best as i can. you get a cheat day where you can literally eat whatever you want. all. day. long. mac n cheese. check! pizza. check! pasta. you bet. then the next day you go back to normal. it's pretty crazy but i feel a shift already and love it thus far!

- does anyone have photoshop that i can borrow? or an extra one? i will pay for it.... just can't afford the BIG cost. baby steps to making this blog better.... i know one of you has one i can borrow?! pretty please with a cherry on top!?

- i sold my soul to equinox months ago and i haven't regretted it since. (thank god because i almost had to eat top ramen everyday to afford it). if you haven't stepped foot in that gym. it's a must.

- when i was planning my friends baby shower - i had to go to a fabric store to pick up some items. i then immediately added to my bucket list: learn to sew. the ideas i have and the fact that i can't sew well really puts a damper on that.

- i miss mikuni. i mostly miss the big dre roll. i mean, how goes does this look?

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- my family is trying to plan a trip to new orleans. i can't wait to visit my dad. been thinking about him a lot lately. started a big project in his honor. i can't wait to share with all of you.

- google calendar revamped their settings. um 24 colors to choose from now. oh man.

- i can't believe halloween is so soon! i still need to carve pumpkins, stock up on candy, and most importantly make candy apples!

- i think i am addicted to slurpees and yogurt. definitely on my cheat days. every. week.

- i hope you all have a wonderful weekend! i have lots more photos to share next week!!


kelly : pinetothepacific said...

2 important things: I will be in Texas for t-giving too! Where will you be? And secondly, try to find the student version of photoshop...I meant to email this to you after I realize that's what I got. You don't get the extra codes to install on additional machines, but it's WAY cheaper!

Kelly and Tadd said...
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