Monday, October 24, 2011


happy monday to you all! i had a wonderful weekend filled with lots of laughs, spending time with old college friends, meeting some new lovely people, and spending some quality time with my roommates relaxing. i have some really exciting plans today with work & i can't wait to share tomorrow!! i am crossing off a BIG bucket list item and i have been giddy with excitement ever since i found out! i promise i will share tomorrow so stay tuned! for now, i'll share some of my recent "pins" that i love from pinterest! to be honest, i really don't remember what life was like prior to when pinterest was invented. it's just too perfect.

a dress i need in my closet. stat:
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an outfit and color crush:
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caramel apples that i will be making this week:
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a cute engagement announcement:
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the cutest onsie i will need one day:
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ps. halloween is in a week! where oh where is the time going!!???

{source: all images from pinterest}

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Sarah said...

I love how they stuck sticks in those caramel apples. That engagement photo is really cute too!

- Sarah