Friday, February 27, 2009

bad blogging week! eeeeeek

SOOOO i am REALLY sorry i have been MIA lately. i have been working TONS and TONS and starting to feel the lack of sleep i have been getting. hence my LITTLE sore throat (yes, i am never sick, so i will BOLD the "little" part). BUT a little recap for your viewing pleasure...

i have been working ridiculous hours & working really hard on SO many different projects.
owning your own business is a LOT harder BUT more rewarding then i thought it would be! i am loving it though and can't WAIT to show everyone the cuteness that is about to come.... stay tuned. it WILL be worth it.

i start "intense" training next monday for soccer. and when i say intense, i mean, NOT 6 hours a day anymore, BUT a good level to where i am pushing myself BUT not killing myself. no more torn calf muscles for me. thanks. (ps. our indoor team on tuesdays, the thundercats) are legit. please come watch. we will school you.

i am ALSO reallly realllllllllly excited to head to Santa Clara this weekend for my FAVS (aka TIFF'S) birthday bash. the BIG 24 is just around the corner and i am SO excited for our reunion with everyone. and of course PINKBERRY. yessssss.

other than that, i have been busy working at the salon & of course watching my favorite weeks shows (bachelor, idol, greys) you own my heart.

ANYWAYS, this shall hold you over til next week. i am sorry for the lack of blogs BUT it will be worth it when you see what I've got up my sleeve. until next time......


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