Tuesday, January 5, 2010

bachelor horses.

okay, so here are my chosen gals.

now.... i must say Jake surprised me last night.
he was actually normal. he needs to loosen up a little bit but all in all, i think he's a good pick!

so, my front runner is Ali. she wore the yellow dress last night. cute girl!

my second pick is Elizabeth. i like her. pretty eyes and they seem to have good chemistry!

my third girl is Gia. she's gorgeous but not sure how she will be personality wise.

now, this is a first.
meet Michelle. she is CRAZY.
honestly, how in the heck did she make it to another date???
although i am excited purely based on the entertainment factor. should be funny to watch...

so there you have it! those are my top 3 i guess for the final 3 standing and top 1 crazy.
i'll have more updates next week!
game on.


Anonymous said...

I hope I am one of your horses someday ;)

Fil said...

I check out your blog and im rewarded(but not really) with bachelor talk?! i want to become a fan, but really?! hahahaha....at least your apt wasn't down to 46 degrees tonight....yup the city of chicago construction crew busted a gas line in front of my building

HALE said...

Don't be ashamed, it's my guilty pleasure, too! I was NOT going to watch this show because I thought Jake was such a square, but believe it or not, I actually found him not incredibly awkward and *almost* charming. Ali is one of my front-runners, too! She's adorable. I also love Tenley. It seems like, according to observation, that he spends a lot of time with a light haired brunette in many of the pictures.. which could be Tenley or Gia. Someone I know lives in Tenley's hometown and said they were filming last week (so she made it to hometown visits, to say the least).

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