Monday, January 4, 2010

guilty pleasure.

so here's the deal.
every season i watch the bachelor/bachelorette (judge all you want...)
and every season i pick my "horses"
(aka the top 4 guys/girls that will be left standing for the home visit.)

every season (okay not EVERY) but most, i get them ALL right.
yep, i'm that good. (or that dorky? hmmmm)

so tonight, i will watch.
tomorrow, i will post.

on a side note, i am not a big fan of this bachelor... but i always give people the benefit of the doubt. so i will keep my mind open on this guy. just as long as the entire episode he doesn't talk about "how perfect" he is and "how perfect" people think he is and that's why he is still single.

(i am pretty sure that's not the case.)

but you be the judge.........

ps. oddo crew - i need your horses!! please email me them ;)

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