Thursday, June 17, 2010

day 8.

today is day 8.
let's recap, shall we?

woke up and headed to the gym.
apparently my heart rate doesn't like the altitude here....
and the machines say "HEART RATE TOO HIGH"
needless to say today was a "check emails from the gym" and stretch day.
i am supposed to be at 6 miles today.

moving on.
we headed to the Argentina vs. Korea game at 12:30pm for a 1:30pm kickoff.
great seats.....
however, it was FREEZING in the shade.
i need to buy a world cup snuggie. ASAP.
do they have these? if so, i need to find one.

Argentina beat Korea - go figure.
and Messi was amazing - obviously.

we needed to wait a few hours after the game so went to the Argentina beer garden until traffic died down.

(Dani, Rich, and me w/ the fans)

to enter you had to be wearing ONLY Argentina stuff.
we shifted our wardrobes, and got in!!

(the view at the Argentina Beer Garden party)

i will leave out the scary ride home because my mom reads this, and well... i don't need any phone calls from her tonight ;)

but the ride home, was... well interesting.
i will leave it at that.
it's a story for another day.

After we got back, we headed down to Melrose Arch for our family/friends dinner and got to eat a delicious meal with a cash bar. my kind of place!!

not to mention dance parties at half time of the Mexico vs. France game.
those parents are fun!!!

tomorrow is a big day.
game #2 for USA!!!
i need to find face paint. and stat.

GO USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you all BETTER be watching ;)

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