Friday, June 18, 2010

game #2 {USA vs. Slovenia}


i am still trying to come down from it.
i have NEVER been so nervous/anxious/excited in my life about a soccer game.
more than the England game that's for sure!!
it was INSANE.
the crowd. the families. the team.
definitely another memorable night.

i am SO bummed the ref didn't allow the 3rd goal.
but i am SO proud of the US team, and pumped they came back from being 2 goals behind.
those 2 goals were amazing....!!!

i mean, they SHOULD have won (the ref messed up BIG time)
sadly, that's the game of soccer though.

okay, okay.
back to the beginning.

how our day went:

woke up.
worked out.
10:15am met in family lounge for security briefing.
11am depart to Moyo Zoo Lake for pre-game meal.
1pm depart for stadium.
4pm kickoff at Ellis Park
8pm pizza party in Family lounge upon return (while watching the England vs. Algeria game)

some pics of the day...

(at lunch w/ some of the entertainment)

(Zoo Lake w/ the girls)

(Slovenia and USA)

(go USA!!!)

We MUST win Wednesday!!!
So happy England tied Algeria.
on to tomorrow......

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