Saturday, June 19, 2010

day off.

i slept in today.
until 10am.
nuts, i know.
that's like 2 times in the last 2 weeks.
some sort of record i think?!

did tons of work, caught up on some emails and felt like i had 2 full days of sleep.
rested and ready.

i am starting to lose track of days here.
and i definitely lost track of time a long time ago.

side note: i would kill for a Starbucks right now.
sadly, none here ;(

it gets dark at 5:30pm here.
and my 5:30pm is really 8:30am California time.
did stay with me?
ya, i'm all sorts of confused.

headed to the gym for a nice long run.
eating pizza and wine really makes you need to work out.
all worth it of course because it's just so good here!!

after the gym we made hats!!
i don't remember what they are officially called, Makarapas i think?
any ways, it was SO much fun!!!

i felt like i was in color my mine.
so cool.

some pics:

(the men showing us how it's done)

(me working my artistry, i totally look the part right?)

(Dani making an awesome hat!!)

after Makarapa making we headed to a wine bar.
um, most amazing idea ever.
you have a card, fill it with money, and put it in the dispenser.
you can either; taste, have a half glass, or a full glass.
tons of wines to choose from.

we need this in the states.

after the wine bar Dani & Kristy took me to a delicious pizza & vino place.
in honor of my dad for father's day.... i wanted a VERY good glass of wine.

we chatted about life, my dad, how great he was.....
i love when people come into your life and instantly make it better.
i am thankful to have met these girls.
just love 'em.

after dinner we grabbed a few desserts (as if we needed anything else!) in the hotel and watched part of the Denmark vs. Cameroon game.

then off to bed.

i hope to dream about my dad tonight......

happy early father's day to my favorite guy in heaven.
what a great man he was.

can't wait to Skype session my mom & brother tomorrow.
been looking forward to it all week!!


kelly said...

first of all, i LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your world cup updates! so fun following along.

secondly, there IS a wine bar like that in sf! it's called press get a card and can float around all these different stands with wineries from all over, and just swipe your card when you want a taste or a glass. next time you're here, go!

Dani T said...

I. Love. You. Like, love, love. Duh.