Monday, June 21, 2010


today was interesting.
i went to bed at 5am (finishing up some work AND had knives in my throat)
literally, i think someone snuck into my room and decided to throw knives down my mouth.
some kind of sick joke.
yea? not cool.

needless to say. i didn't go on the excursion today.
it was to a museum and Nelson Mandela's house.
i sent my field reporter "Danielle" to report on all life changing events as if i was there then debrief with me upon her return.

this is where it gets funny.

she came back and was crying she was laughing so hard.
so i was bummed that i might have missed the coolest excursion ever.
however, it was because she told this story that there were tears:

"the super awesome tour guide doesn't know his left from his right...
he likes to tell people (AKA the entire bus) that Nelson Mandela's house was on the right.
the entire bus jumps to the right side and snap, snap, snap with pictures"

(side note, i am literally crying laughing so hard as i am trying to type this)

ok, back to the story.

Danielle was in the back and watched the entire bus rush to the windows on the "right"
however she noticed the tour guide was turned to his "other right" while explaining his house.
Dani caught on quite quickly and was dying laughing.

she thought "photo shoot for one please?"
She had front row seats to his house while the entire bus took pictures of his neighbors house.

cool tour guide. cool.

i still don't think the people on the bus know they got the wrong house.
i am sure they came back and are sending pictures to their families saying,
"look how pretty his house is"
little do they know, it is not his house.

she tried to tell them.
no one trusted her.
end of story.

i wish knives weren't in my throat because i would have paid a LOT of money to see this.
i mean, a lot.
i am STILL laughing.


i am happy i stayed because after going to bed at 5am i slept until 1pm.
got meds for my throat.
went and got a mani/pedi/massage for $65.00
yes please?
why don't we have this in the states for that price?
i think i was there for 3 hours.
3 hours = $65.00
i'll take it.
i did tip her VERY well.

then sushi for dinner.
although i still have KNIVES in my throat.
i had a very humorous day.

night night all!!

ps. let's hope the knives are gone in the morning because i have lions to feed tomorrow.

pss. i skyped with tiff tonight. she decided to show me how good her Starbucks is. she knows South Africa doesn't have one here.
thanks tiff :)

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