Friday, June 11, 2010

Welcome reception.

I woke up at 4am today.

Apparently my body doesn’t need sleep nor does it exist in different time zones.

Got some work done then headed to the most RIDICULOUS gym I have ever been to.

4 levels of pure perfection.

Since I am training for my marathon still, unfortunately I must run everyday.

But honestly, even people who HATE working out, would love this place.

Cute Café, pool, flat screens, hard wood floors, new equipment, etc.

Not to mention the guy who signed me up for a pass while I am staying in SA was BEAMING with excitement his team was playing.

All he kept saying was “today is the day! Today is the day!”

I laughed every time.

Then it was time for the 4pm opening game in the family lounge.

South Africa vs. Mexico, and did South Africa really hit the post in the 89th minute? Ya. That really happened. 1-1 final score.

Next was a reception with food/drinks/entertainment.

I was so happy watching the African dancers, we just had to take pictures with them.

Now on to game #2. Watching it now as I update my blog.

So I won't know the final score until tomorrow - because I will have posted this already.

I need sleep tonight, so I am calling it an early night.

Night Night!! (or good morning to you...)

ps. I will have pictures tomorrow :)

GO USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sara Ancich said...

I am so glad you are updating on your trip. I had tears in my eyes watching the opening game this morning. Im a big wimp. THen I streamed it into my classroom for my 6th graders to see. When South Africa scored we screamed like was so fun! I can not even imagine what it must be like there. beautiful.