Tuesday, June 15, 2010

team visit (yesterday)

yesterday was day 5.
i can't tell you the location OR post pics (until after the WC is over)
for security reasons that is.
so i apologize, but i got REALLY good pictures to share!!!
stay tuned for those....
but i will say we had a good day!!
left for the team hotel at 2pm...
and got to see the players and their families for the rest of the day.
played ping pong, ate, took in the BEAUTIFUL scenery, walked around, chatted, and had a banquet style set up for dinner.
it was delicious.
our table got the wine, obviously.
we may or may not have sneaked a few bottles on the bus. maybe.
(mom, don't judge me - wine is good for you)
we had a great time.
it was definitely good to see everyone!!
and their "hotel" is unbelievable.
and i am SURE for the families it was nice to spend some time with their sons.
we left around 8pm and headed back to our hotel and played Wii bowling & chatted until bed time.
it was a good day.

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