Sunday, August 22, 2010


i've been eating.
and loving.
a whole lot lately.

sorry i have been talking an awful lot about food. and running.
i love daily, so i don't really need to talk about it.
although it never hurts to mention how great my momma and brother bear are......................
(because you guys are, ya you! i know you are reading this)

i have decided "i run so i can eat"
(and also because i need to finish this marathon in october.)
(don't judge me... it's okay i know you are)

i want to put this on a t-shirt.

like the old 24 hour fitness commercials with everyone working out with different sayings on their shirts?


"to watch my son grow up"
"to inspire my patients"
"to find mr right"
"to turn up the sexy volume".

mine would definitely say
"i run so i can eat"

i'm a foodie.
i am not ashamed.
as long as i am still......
working. it. out. girl.
(and snap yo' fingers when you say it.. you know what i am talking about)

so, my question to you is...........
what would your t-shirt say?


Sara Ancich said...

my sister and her 2 friends ran Chicago last year.

Their shirts all said on the front:
"Are we almost finished?"
"Its so hard"
"I want to do it"

and on the back of all 3 it read "That's what SHE said"

They were hilarious. Lots of people asked to take pictures with them during and after the race.


Mine would be the same as yours! I run so I can EAT!!!! I'm doing a lot of running for my half marathon in NOV (I don't know how you do a full) and as of late I'm on a See-Food diet, I see food, I eat food. It is fabulous! Love your blog! Xo! T

Natalie Filer said...

I ran a race in San Fran and a stick thin girl had this headband...

I thought that she ought to give it to me...haha Love you JRo