Monday, August 23, 2010

not me monday.

here you go!
it's been a busy work week/busy fun week/ and most importantly a busy ME week.
all the things i did not do this week.
you smart kids know the drill.
here goes nothing.

i did not love home cooked meals 6 out of the 7 nights. pretty impressive if i say so myself.
i did not love thinking of those fun recipes....... and mastering them like poppa robin.
i did not however like that i didn't take pictures. i mean? who forgets that! apparently me.
next time.
i did not love running 6 out of the 7 days. my body hates me, but my jeans love me!
it's a give and take.
who says i can't run another marathon? well, i have been...and i'm certainly not saying that anymore.
(if i don't finish, i do know i can at least run half!)
i did not love seeing that we have raised a little over $4,000 for my dad's run. i mean............ $1,000 more and we will have hit our goal. amazing. 1 1/2 months to go!
i did not love house hunting. please oh please let me find something fast! i am over looking!
i did not love shopping on guilt group. oh man, new favorite thing to do. (see post tomorrow) i found some really cute items! eeeeeeeeeeek.
i did not love the bachelor pad this week. i hate that i love this show. oh well.
i did not love emmy dress shopping (not for me silly, for one of my clients)
her stylist is amazing. and she will look stunning. as usual.
i did not love coffee dates with old friends.
i did not love a "ME" weekend. it was just perfect.
i also did not love dinner & a movie with my favorite greek. we even got ice cream from the cutest ice cream shop. i decided that the next one of my friends who gets married will be taking their engagement photos outside this shop. it's so darn cute.
i did not love calling my maw maw (mom's mom) to chat.
here's how our convo went:

me: hey maw maw, it's jen
maw maw: who?
me: jen, andre and Mona's daughter.
maw maw: oh! jennifer. how are you?
me: i'm great, just calling to say hi!
maw maw: where are you?
me: in manhattan beach
maw maw: where?
me: in southern california
maw maw: where?
me: in california
maw maw: are you with your mother?
me: no, just me.
maw maw: where are you?
me: in the united states
maw maw: ohh, that's nice.
me: gosh i love you.
maw maw: i love you too mona.
jen: no, it's jen (followed by a laugh)

um. i love her.
maybe i wasn't talking loud enough?
but i was shouting at one point.
so who knows.
how fun are grandmas?
especially mine, she's just as cute as my momma.
but with white hair.

post your not me Mondays!
it's so much cheaper than therapy.


Kelly and Tadd said...

1. You are buying a house?
2. When do I get to see you next?
3. You are so cool!

Miss you. Love you.

Jen said...

kelly and tadd:

1. i am not, just looking to rent with 2 friends :)
2. i am thinking October for Katie's SR game?! please tell me you are going?!!
3. why thank you, you are pretty cool too ;)

miss and love you dearly. XX

Kelly and Tadd said...

O...renting a place...that will be a lot of fun. Nearby, to your current place? O yes, october for sure. We are trying to figure out the kinks for that trip. It is mandatory!
P.S. I run so I can eat too. Love it.

Jen said...

yes, near my current place ;) i will have a room & a office at both client's still...... but just more of my own space to call home. and YES! email me deets. i am coming!!!! XX