Wednesday, August 4, 2010


i am going to do it.
i am going to admit it.
i am officially overwhelmed with life.
i know it happens to everyone.
just trying to keep it all together.
but instead i am onto plan b.
plan b: i am taking today to throw myself a pity party.
my pity party started when i woke up.........
and won't be done until i go to sleep tonight.
that is if i actually sleep tonight.
my list of to do's are all color coded and cute.

separated like this:
1. Client #1 to do's
2. Client #2 to do's
3. Personal to do's

color coding makes it seem like i have less to do.
or better yet because it's cute.... makes it at least fun.

i need to do too much for the amount of time there is in a day.
instead of 24 hours i just wished there were 35.
not too much to ask? right?

my work list is being multiplied as the day goes on.
i didn't even have time to grab coffee today. or shower. gross.
my running shoes are staring at me because they know i only have 2 months until i am running 26.2 miles.
my laundry pile is gathering more & more clothes.
the power went out today so had to fix it (why? it's not raining)
i am emotional with the upcoming year mark of losing my father.
i miss home & my momma.
thank goodness i am going home friday.
the fridge is empty, i need to get groceries.
i have sticky notes galore on my desk of random things to know/do.
my phone won't stop ringing (not because i am popular but because everyone needs something)
ya, i said it.
it seems as if every car has a car light on....... must be time for an oil change. do the cars speak to each other? "let's all mob Jen this week and turn on every fix it light possible."
my phone was broken for 20 hours (finally fixed after 4 hours at apple)
waited for an appointment that never showed. love it when that happens!
happy i rearranged my entire schedule in order to do this.

is it tomorrow yet?

ps. sorry. i needed to vent. tomorrow will be better.

p.p.s i know it is my job to be busy. but some days i am allowed to vent.

some days like today ;)

1 comment:

Sara Ancich said...

If i wasn't packing the 5 of us for Palm Desert, i'd come over and make you a tray of green chile enchiladas.

Reminder: home is just around the corner for you.

Additionally, the furthest I had ever run in training for my first marathon was 9 consecutive miles... and I did it! With flying colors... but I know that "I should be training" stress that looms when a marathon is approaching.

Good for you for throwing the pity party...venting is great therapy.