Monday, September 27, 2010

hello, again.

i have been MIA the last few days/week.
mainly because i have learned that packing and unpacking (party of one) is extremely hard to do.
especially trying to carry boxes (lots and lots of boxes) up stairs in our new place.
i am exhausted.
but..... i am all moved in, finally!!

i have a few decorating ideas, and a few more "staple" pieces i need to get.
but i am happy to say i have a new address, a new bed, and a cute new kitchen.

all i need are 2 cute new roomies (coming next week!!)

seriously, how cute is our new place?

sneak peak:
<span class=

kitchen (not decorated yet)
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decorating my room this week when i can find the time.
will post pictures after it's all done.

happy Monday to all and hope you had a lovely weekend.


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Kelly and Tadd said...

I love the new place. I am super excited for the decor to go up and for more pics to come. 25 days until senior weekend.