Tuesday, September 28, 2010

not me monday (on tuesday)

here we go... again!

all the things i did not do this week.... including a few things that i welcomed back to my life!
drum roll please..........

i did not love my 2 1/2 hour chiropractic massage. the word massage should not be placed in here. 2 1/2 hours of pure pain getting out knots and trying to realign my ribs. kill me.
i did not love running in this pain. 2 weeks until 26.2 miles. i'm so ready (sarcasm)
i did not love packing and unpacking in my new place........... it is AMAZING.
i did not love dinner with an old Chicago friend. she is also getting married in april. whooop!! congrats girl. love you.
i did not love welcoming both pumpkin spice lattes (thank you starbucks!) and indoor back into my life. i hadn't played in so long, and i love my new team!! but it makes me miss the thundercats!!
i did not love katsuya and the galaxy game (i did not love that they lost!) but i did love dancing at the new hot spot 12th & highland. so sad, beaches officially closed. bummmmmmer.
i did not love getting to spend a full day with rachel jones. we shopped for my cute new place......!!! decorating all week!
i did not love my clients photo shoot sunday. i can't wait to tell you what magazine it's for (can't disclose yet!) AND the shoot was perfection. loved the stylists and everyone on set!!
i did not love my new redondo beach gym!! however, you should never run on the treadmill while watching extreme makeover home edition. let's just say people stared.... and a few tears were had. ooooops.
i did not love planning what i am going to be for halloween!!!! it's a secret BUT it's AMAZING! might be the best idea i've had!!! oh boy oh boy!!
i did not love learning that my new roomies will be here in 7 days. let the countdown begin.
i did not love the 100 + heat in LA this weekend! holy heck i am still sweating!!
i did not love finding a letter through my move my dad wrote to me a few years back. god i miss him.
i did not love 24 hour diners. actually, there should be rule about entering them. fries at 3am is never a good idea. gross.
i did not love my friend shauna's friends new site.
um, amazing. please check it out. i am actually intrigued on who she picks!!
kind of sad i didn't think of it. ha!
i did not love learning that one of my favorites (aka ms. dobin) will be gracing me with her presence halloween weekend! yes, she and i will be dressing up in the best costume ever.
i just need to talk her into it! (shouldn't be hard.... she loves me)
i did not love glee's return. can you say excited for the Britney episode tonight!!?
i did not love finding great carmel apple recipes!! so excited to make them soon!!

post your not me mondays!!
it's so much cheaper than therapy.

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