Monday, September 13, 2010

not me monday.

here we go (again!)
all the things i did not do this week.
and let's be honest......... i was a busy girl this past one.
and of course busy having fun celebrating my big 2-5.
thank you brother for the sweet blog shout out friday.
you are such a gem.

welp, here goes........

i did not love returning from an epic vegas weekend only to start work at 5am the following day. yikes, still recovering.
i did not love officially signing papers to the new condo!! oh my excited. less than 2 weeks until i am in the most perfect condo. can't wait to decorate!!
i did not love hearing Rihanna's new song. new anthem for us gals when we move in. definitely buying her new cd!

i did not love dinner with the girls. one of my favorite things to do is eat, drink, and talk/laugh about life.
i did not love katsuya 2 nights in a row. i could eat sushi all day, everyday.
i did not love discovering a new favorite bar. 12th & highland.
so cute. and so fun.
i even got a birthday shout out from the band. i'm kind of a big deal.
i did not love losing my voice. twice. raspy voices are so sexy........ not.
i did not like booking my flight to miami for one of my most favorites senior game. oh man, counting down the days already.
i did not love getting birthday flowers, cards, emails, text, tweets and facebook posts. i have amazing friends. true story.
i did not love my lulu gift card and pottery barn that i got from my bosses. shopping spree!! yes please. i just love them.
i did not love birthday lunch at pomodoro. best bruschetta i have ever had. the wine wasn't too bad either ;)
i did not love my purchase of the cutest decorating book. ever. so many great ideas!!!
i did not love celebrating my birthday for a full week straight. let's not do this again. mkay?
i am exhausted (but so so so worth it)

i did not love having jack & the box and chick-fil-a all in one day. i don't even eat fast food. apparently i needed fries? uh, major running session tonight. gross.
i did not love my 3 hour borders ME time. i could sit and drink coffee for hours upon hours...
i did not love going to the movies by myself. seriously, is it creepy i LOVE doing this? drew barrymore is cute.
i did not love watching the VMA's while prepping my clients work week.
it's gonna be a busy week!!!!!!!!!!!!
i did not love taking a few days off of running. hammy is starting to feel better. thank goodness.

post your not me mondays.
it's so much cheaper than therapy.

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