Thursday, January 6, 2011


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hi loves!
the time has come.... i am selling my jeep :(
to be honest, i am just starting the process of figuring out how much it's worth...

but i do know:

it's a 2005.
Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo .
80,000 or so miles.
adorable if i do say so myself.
i LOVE my jeep.
but i need to let go.....

oh AND even has a license plate holder that says "fueled by JENergy" get it?
i can remove that obviously, unless your name is Jen as well....

(the picture above is obviously not my car but i'm sure i would price it higher if it was)

anywho, if you are in need of a car or want to start looking, let me know!
leave a comment or of course you can email me!


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