Wednesday, June 15, 2011


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(SF craft night with the girls)

last week when i went to SF i was invited to my friends craft night!
(basically some of my favorite gals get together and drink, eat, and craft!)
i was SO happy to be a part of it (thank you guys again) and so happy to bring it back to So Cal!
i forgot how much i miss and love crafting!

a few of the girls did these bracelets:
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a few did these fun clutches (in different colors):
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and i worked on a scrapbook for a friends wedding gift.
(which turned out SO cute i might add!)

i am going to try to do the above and more very soon!

so fun, right?

ps. thank you ALL for the emails and texts regarding my last post about my father. i really truly appreciate them more than you know.
i will be emailing you individually as soon as i can!
kisses to you all!

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Kelly and Tadd said...

Um I love those crafts that you guys made. Please teach me how to make those bracelets and the clutch. I am totally going to make one.