Tuesday, October 25, 2011


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yesterday was a dream come true. a DREAM.
my boss filmed at The Ellen Show and i literally was giddy all day.
driving there i told my boss "i'm only going to be creepy on our way, and i won't embarrass you when i get there.. but just let it happen because i'm too excited"
so i talked about how much i loved her, and how naturally her and i are going to become best friends.
i couldn't wait.
i've met quite a few "people" in my job and to be honest, although it's pretty cool...
they are just people.
besides, i think my family is cooler then these "celebs" anyways.
having said that..... ELLEN is someone i love.
i watch her show every night before i go to bed.
i laugh my butt off EVERY time.
i go to bed happy, wake up happy. it's a good routine.
she is one of my all time favorite people!
and not only did i get a t-shirt and a coffee mug
(in which coffee will never taste the same)
Ellen is beautiful, funny, and so sweet!

yesterday was a good good day.