Sunday, December 11, 2011

brain dump.

-it's december 12th people. DECEMBER 12th!! i leave in a week for New Orleans and then New Years is just around the corner. HOLY HECK. 2011 where did you go!?

-getting little surprise gifts in the mail is just the best (thank you jill for the gorgeous kate spade ring!) obsessed.

-i wish it was christmas year round. our tree is up, stockings hung, decorations placed, elf on repeat, house always smells like cookies.... yup. i. can't. get. enough.

-i look forward to sunday's every week. coffee, church, brunch, vedge. who doesn't love that?

-i am in love with equinox gym. it's the best. especially when they text you reminders of spin classes. "your bike is ready for you" sold.

-i don't know anything about nicole scherzinger but i do know she is a silly lady. WHO doesn't vote for Rachel Crow on X Factor. dummy.

-i went to kinkos this month for a few different projects. apparently i do better work there before 6am. it's creepy being the only person there.

-i have been listening to SHE & HIM on repeat. download it. ASAP.

-been geeking out over photoshop CS5. bought a few books and love watching you tube videos. (if that doesn't scream nerd, i don't know what will!)hello blogshop!

-in the last month i have been to texas, sacramento, san jose, san francisco, vegas, back to san jose, then to redondo beach (obvs). the next month looks exactly the same crazy. oh boy.

-my mom's cleaning lady told me she loved me when i was home. is it creepy i got a little choked up? probably.

-i say it ALL THE TIME, but i am saying it again. if you don't watch Parenthood. you are missing out on life.

-i am working on my 2012 resolutions. i am pretty excited about the new year. list coming soon...

-5am-7:30am is hands down my favorite part of the day. i wish people didn't find that odd.

-i am planning my brother's dirty thirty. let's just go ahead and say.... it's going to be EPIC.

-i did my first ice luge the other night. pretty proud moment.

-found THE most amazing vintage record players. eeeeeeeek.

-my best friend is getting her doctorate. she graduates on Saturday. i'm going to be such a proud mess.

-cafe rio caters. yup. throwing a party at our place... you bet that's who is the caterer.

-my book is coming along. i couldn't be more excited about this...

-i am counting down the seconds until i can visit my dad at the cemetery. it's really hard to put into words how much going there heals my soul.

-the foam roller has become my best friend (and the devil) who knew how quickly you can get out of shape?

-excited to attend an event on thursday where all my favorite bloggers will be there!!

-i really wish i had about 5 or so more hours in a day (don't we all?) geeeeeez.... off to tackle my to-do list.

happy monday to you all!!

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